Leo Camerini Haute-Couture: the beginning

Milan, 6 am. Alessandra and Eleonora are sitting at their make-up stations.

[This article is available in Italian and English]

Milan, 6 am. Alessandra and Eleonora are sitting at their make-up stations. The photographer and his staff gather around a table for a final check on the cameras and tools. The silence in the studio marks everybody’s high concentration. A first chill breeze welcomes the team on the first set, a corner between Via Manzoni and Via Pisoni. The photographer takes his place on a thin central reservation. Alessandra, in an olive-green silk sheath, crosses back and forth the street looking in and out the camera. A rare beautiful atmosphere falls on the notorious street of the city center. The general quiet is interrupted only by the camera shutter sound. The photographer catches Alessandra’s moves and the glances. A second photographer focuses on the clutch Gemelle, with bronze metallic feathers. After the last adjustments, Eleonora is ready to begin. Here she is, wearing a black sheath with gauzy volant sleeves. She walks arm-in-arm with Alessandra long the sideway. The two friends carry with ease their clutches, joking and laughing. The camera follows the girls and portraits the emotions they express.

The next set is in the heart of the famous Quadrilatero della Moda: the scene is Via Santo Spirito surrounded by the facades of the antique Milanese palaces. The models flaunt two light suits: Alessandra is tint in black and red, perfectly matching the handbag 3.3, embroidered with metallic sequins, pearls and ribbons; Eleonora switches to cream, a balanced background for the small Leo30 adorned with a mix of electric blue, green and brown feathers.

The two girls walk along the street colored by the lights and shadows of the sunny morning. Suddenly, the photographer calls them from behind. They both turn and immediately the camera starts shooting. The two realize the improvisation game and walk away with big smiles as they try to escape form the picture.

Few curious bystanders observe. Shop assistants look out the windows and comment the scene. All eyes are for the handbags. A wave of enthusiasm and spontaneity warms everybody on set. This is the beauty of Leo Camerini photo shootings.