Building sustainable partnerships

The people at the centre of the supply-chain.

We create luxury leather goods with a deep respect to quality and authenticity. We strive to obtain the best quality possible, combining excellent natural materials with craftsmanship heritage.

We create sustainable partnerships. The idea is to work with few partners that can fulfil our demands and build tight relations that will last in the long term. Stable collaborations breed progress, transparency and loyalty.

We see the companies we work with as true partners and not just as mere suppliers. Our relations respect human capabilities in terms of time and efforts.

Human capital is essential.

We work on new solutions, starting from our inputs. In every new development we learn a lesson from their exceptional know-how and long-lasting heritage. Most of these companies are still managed by their founders or by the family descendants. They are family businesses, just like us.

We progress together.

We are thankful to our partners because they invest resources and energies to guarantee the traceability of the materials. This is fundamental to us. With all the documentation available we know everything about the raw materials we use, from the sourcing to their transformation. This is the basis for a luxury brand’s sustainable supply chain.

We work together. We continuously learn from each other. Eventually we realize we share the same values. Our relation will last in time, bridging tradition from present to the future.