The Collection Galaxie

An imaginary universe of shimmering lights and chromatic nuances.

The outer space has always been inspiring to us. A look at the unknown, with its mysterious aura, invokes our minds to continuously foster knowledge. The persistent curiosity feeds the hunger for creativity. It is always a constant improvement of our current state.

The bags of the collection are inspired by the elements of the space: from a nebula of metallic multicoloured sequins to comets of cabochons and crystals that glide over a voluminous dark surface. There are tricks to the eye as well: silvery and gold stars prove to be miniature worlds of embroidered crystals and gold thin threads.

Galaxie is a colourful universe. Blue and black shades take the scene. They beautifully pair with green, violet and some drops of gold and silver, sprinkled here and there.

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Galaxie is a subtle game of lights. Based on the theory that light in space exists only as a reflection of an object, the bags are decorated with materials and colours that naturally emanate brilliance.

Galaxie celebrates the savoir-faire behind the bags. The playful decorations of various materials and colours are born from the creative dialogue between the brand and the ateliers, rare epicentres of talents and know-how: from Italian expert colourists to prestigious Parisian embroidery houses, feathermakers and pleaters.

Galaxie is an ode to the never-ending search for new emotions and new energies.