The importance of the CITES certificate

How this transparency practice supports the future of luxury leather fashion.

Since the birth of our brand, we create luxury leather goods in respect of the current environmental challenges.
Transparency and collaboration are the two pillars of our sustainability policy. We try to contribute as much as we can to the protection of the ecosystems that surrounds us. Therefore, we collaborate with suppliers and local authorities to track the source of the raw materials we use.

As a matter of fact, all our products in crocodile leather and with peacock feathers embroideries, have a CITES certificate.
This document is the confirmation that the raw materials we use are legally and sustainably sourced. All the information is traceable. Finally our customers learn about the origins of our materials.

How all this work is possible? 

It is a collaborative process. First, we receive all the data regarding to the leathers and feathers from our suppliers. We update a CITES registry with all the information required, at each purchase of material and at each product sale. Before shipping the product, we apply for the CITES certificate to the management authority in Italy. This agency verifies that all the information is correctly traced.
With her new purchase, the customer receives a copy of the certificate. The bag’s packaging includes a card that explains the CITES practice. We want to communicate to our customers the importance of this practice.

We manage this process at our best because we know that the safeguard of the planet is our responsibility; our future. 

To learn about our Transparency practice, click on the link below.