Leo Camerini 3.3 Handbags Photoshoot

Behind the scenes: art, discussion and photography

Unaltered elegance, glamorous offstage, precious materials dazzling under the soffits…
Let’s dive into the magic atmosphere of Leo Camerini 3.3 Handbags Photoshoot.

The makeup station is covered with cosmetics and brushes. Steamers are on for the last minute ironing. The 3.3 handbags are still safely packed, waiting to be revealed right before the photoshoot starts.

Surrounded by a classic white décor, a graceful young lady moves effortlessly and gentle, memorizing the poses. The hairdresser is still around her to make sure her long shiny hair are just perfect. Her charming face is only a slightly touched with makeup.

The stylist is hitherto between the clothes rack: she makes sure all outfits are ready. She checks the chosen one out one more time, and approves the mood-board with the photographer. Now each 3.3 handbag has its own outfit to match.

“It’s shooting time!” – the model walks into the set. The photographer starts his art. The light assistant receptively follows the photographer’s actions. The hairdresser is at the edge of the set ready to adjust any hair strand gone messy. The stylist carefully monitors the Model.

Anxiety, tranquility, excitement and concentration rotate hour after hour. “Hold on!” – says the photographer suddenly – “I’ve just got an idea! Why don’t you wear the handbag as a shoulder bag? I’ll take a shot from the bottom. It works perfectly with the light white jacket you are wearing”. Hereby, the Model puts the big 3.3 handbag in clearwater green on her right shoulder. Spontaneously, she stretches her arms and crosses the fingertips. One more time she sensually looks to the camera. Then suddenly she gives a straight radiant look.

“That’s it! We’ve got it!”, all the team members cheer on the final result.
The 3.3 handbags shine with all its beauty in the spotlight thanks to the talented young professionals: their painstaking work enables to highlight these fine quality products from every angle. They do not seek plain catalog pictures. They strive to bring emotions and aesthetic to Leo Camerini story.