Ordini Speciali

Ordini Speciali by Leo Camerini is a collection of creations that escapes from any paradigm of style and season.
The only rule is to imagine.

It is a fun and rich experience that Leo Camerini shares with the client. From that moment on she will receive an unrepeatable work of art only she will carry.

A dream above the clouds

Inspired by the Shoulder bag Stardust. Imagined for the client.

Blossom pink, paired with intense azure, epitomizes the skylight at high altitude. The scene is crystal clear. Clouds and turbulences are absent. Every element is stable and at peace. Only a delicate golden breeze floats and brightens the landscape at the edge with the infinite space.

The lock mutates.
It flaunts two gemstones.

The intense blue of the Lapis lazuli stones enhances the sense of mystery and unknown that tickles human curiosity...

A deep dive into a blue paradise

The intense-colored Lapis Lazuli stones beautifully match with the unique blue of this one-off handbag. Expert and careful hands delicately engrave the stones in the palladium frames of the lock.

Deeply immerged in the leather, the blue pigments exhibit several unexpected nuances, evoking a sense of never-ending freshness and calm. Qualities that instinctively bond with the very essence of a Diva.

A masterpiece of leather making

The crocodile leather is finished according to the traditional rounding technique (“bombatura”, in Italian). One after the other, the crocodile scales are rounded and polished by hand, giving a voluminous effect which enhance the elegance of the handbag.

Even though such work has its roots in the early days of Italian leather craftsmanship, today the artisans capable to accomplish it are counted on one hand.

Precious Leopard

An intuition after a special request

Inspired by the sophisticated taste of the client, who desired to decorate her handbag 3.3 with fine stones, an intuition triggered a new creative adventure for Leo Camerini.

At first the Trapeze lock was re-designed to accommodate two rare leopard jaspers. The stone cutter overcame to the biggest hurdle: fixing the stones in the cases, without breaking them. He wittily smoothed the shapes according to the precise angle of the plates. The final result? Two gorgeous galaxy-looking surfaces framed by shiny gold cases.

One of the signature colors is matched with natural jewels rich of polychromatic inclusions. An unrepeatable work of art.

Yellow gold is nuanced from the sides to the center of the leather. Gold subtly flows between the Alligator’s scales. Mixing up with the white surface, this color, renown to be flashy and bright, gives a gentle and tasteful look to the handbag.

Creativity, craftsmanship’s wit and a pinch of boldness have brought this special 3.3.

The client was the muse. In love with Provence, she desired a handbag she could carry during her summer holidays in the south of France. Because she was touched by the design of Elle, she wanted her 3.3 to be inspired by that design. There it is…the handle has become a miniature reproduction of the strap.

Ordini Speciali

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