Building sustainable partnerships

We create luxury leather goods with a deep respect to quality and authenticity. We strive to obtain the best quality possible, combining excellent natural materials with craftsmanship heritage.

We create sustainable partnerships. The idea is to work with few partners that can fulfil our demands and build tight relations that will last in the long term. Stable collaborations breed progress, transparency and loyalty.

We see the companies we work with as true partners and not just as mere suppliers. Our relations respect human capabilities in terms of time and efforts.

Human capital is essential.

We work on new solutions, starting from our inputs. In every new development we learn a lesson from their exceptional know-how and long-lasting heritage. Most of these companies are still managed by their founders or by the family descendants. They are family businesses, just like us.

We progress together.

We are thankful to our partners because they invest resources and energies to guarantee the traceability of the materials. This is fundamental to us. With all the documentation available we know everything about the raw materials we use, from the sourcing to their transformation. This is the basis for a luxury brand’s sustainable supply chain.

We work together. We continuously learn from each other. Eventually we realize we share the same values. Our relation will last in time, bridging tradition from present to the future.

The Collection Galaxie

The outer space has always been inspiring to us. A look at the unknown, with its mysterious aura, invokes our minds to continuously foster knowledge. The persistent curiosity feeds the hunger for creativity. It is always a constant improvement of our current state.

The bags of the collection are inspired by the elements of the space: from a nebula of metallic multicoloured sequins to comets of cabochons and crystals that glide over a voluminous dark surface. There are tricks to the eye as well: silvery and gold stars prove to be miniature worlds of embroidered crystals and gold thin threads.

Galaxie is a colourful universe. Blue and black shades take the scene. They beautifully pair with green, violet and some drops of gold and silver, sprinkled here and there.

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Galaxie is a subtle game of lights. Based on the theory that light in space exists only as a reflection of an object, the bags are decorated with materials and colours that naturally emanate brilliance.

Galaxie celebrates the savoir-faire behind the bags. The playful decorations of various materials and colours are born from the creative dialogue between the brand and the ateliers, rare epicentres of talents and know-how: from Italian expert colourists to prestigious Parisian embroidery houses, feathermakers and pleaters.

Galaxie is an ode to the never-ending search for new emotions and new energies.

Leo Camerini Haute-Couture: the beginning

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Milan, 6 am. Alessandra and Eleonora are sitting at their make-up stations. The photographer and his staff gather around a table for a final check on the cameras and tools. The silence in the studio marks everybody’s high concentration. A first chill breeze welcomes the team on the first set, a corner between Via Manzoni and Via Pisoni. The photographer takes his place on a thin central reservation. Alessandra, in an olive-green silk sheath, crosses back and forth the street looking in and out the camera. A rare beautiful atmosphere falls on the notorious street of the city center. The general quiet is interrupted only by the camera shutter sound. The photographer catches Alessandra’s moves and the glances. A second photographer focuses on the clutch Gemelle, with bronze metallic feathers. After the last adjustments, Eleonora is ready to begin. Here she is, wearing a black sheath with gauzy volant sleeves. She walks arm-in-arm with Alessandra long the sideway. The two friends carry with ease their clutches, joking and laughing. The camera follows the girls and portraits the emotions they express.

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Color making according to Italian contemporary decorators

[ This interview is available in Italian and English ]

Coloring is the soul of Leo Camerini style. The process starts from the research of new inspirations, followed by various trials. Exploring and experimenting drive us to new appealing color combinations.
Today, we are visiting Fabscarte, a design atelier in Milan which handcrafts colorful paper decorations for sophisticated and distinctive living spaces.
The common point between Leo Camerini and these decorators is the attention dedicated to color making. We both aim to create distinguishing products for our markets.
With the help of Luigi Scarabelli, one of the founders, we learn the philosophy behind Fabscarte artworks and we discover some hidden aspects of contemporary handmade coloring techniques.

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Roberto Chevalier

[ This interview is available in Italian and English ]

Roberto Chevalier is an actor, voice-actor, dubbing director and dialogist.

Enfant prodige, he has been an actor since the age of 5, working in the film industry, television and theater.
He dubs the greatest actors from around the World. He is the official Italian voice of Tom Cruise (requested by the American actor himself and by the Italian audience) and of Tom Hanks. Along the extensive list, he has given his voice to Andy Garcìa, Dennis Quaid, John Travolta and Kurt Russell. His touching interpretation of Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Truman Capote” (2006), will always be remembered.
Among the many awards received during his career, he has won two Nastri d’Argento, for his performance of Eric Bogosian in “Talk Radio” (1990) and of Tom Cruise in Magnolia (2000).

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A new experience for Leo Camerini

During the first half of 2018, Leo Camerini jointed forces with a team of EmLyon Business School students, attending the Asian Campus in Shanghai. The occasion was to develop an In-Company Consulting Project (ICP) for Leo Camerini. The ICP’s context was to define a successful entry strategy for the brand in the Chinese luxury fashion market. The achievement of the goal required extensive documentary research and data crunching, interviews with professionals and surveys with target customers. Continue reading “A new experience for Leo Camerini”

Leo Camerini 3.3 Handbags Photoshoot

Unaltered elegance, glamorous offstage, precious materials dazzling under the soffits…
Let’s dive into the magic atmosphere of Leo Camerini 3.3 Handbags Photoshoot.

The makeup station is covered with cosmetics and brushes. Steamers are on for the last minute ironing. The 3.3 handbags are still safely packed, waiting to be revealed right before the photoshoot starts.

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Making of the 3.3 handbag

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In the countryside near Florence, another day has just started.

Upon the Arno River, the workshop opens the doors and switches the lights on, as it has always done for the last fifty years. The artisans reunite around the coffee machine to have a warm cup of espresso and to share few words. They have a long day ahead and they need good energy.  

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