Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to all distance sales by the company LG CAMERINI di F.lli Camerini S.r.l.s. & C. S.A.S. (hereafter, “Leo Camerini” or the “Vendor”) of Products covered by the “LEO CAMERINI” trademark via the leocamerini.com website (“Site” or “Website”), including those involving telephone assistance provided by the Customer Service. 

The use of the distance sales service described herein is reserved solely for final consumers (hereafter also “Customer”). The term “Consumer” is to be understood as any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes that predominantly are outside his trade, business or profession. The resale, rental or transfer for commercial or professional reasons of Products purchased on the Website is strictly forbidden.

The Vendor only sells Products from the fashion house Leo Camerini.

The Vendor may modify these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. Therefore, the Customer is asked to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at the time of purchase, a copy of which shall be sent to the Customer at the e-mail address provided by the same.

By placing an order on the Website or by telephone, the Customer fully and unreservedly acknowledges and accepts that these General Terms and Conditions of Sale form an integral and substantial part of the same order.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid by law, that provision is severed and the remainder of the Terms and Conditions remains valid and enforceable.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not govern the provision of services, or the sale of products, by subjects other than Leo Camerini, even in cases in which they are presented on the Official Website via hypertext links or banners. Therefore, before placing an order and/or purchasing products and services from subjects other than the Vendor, the Customer is invited to check the conditions of sale applied. In no case can Leo Camerini be held liable for the provision of services by third parties.

2. Disposition of Orders

Orders for Leo Camerini Products can be placed only by individuals who have reached the age eighteen and have legal capacity to enter into contracts. Orders for Leo Camerini Products can be placed either through the Website, following the indications thereon and/or with telephone assistance. The Vendor does not accept orders by e-mail. 

In order to place the order, the Customer must select the Product she/he wishes to buy and click the “Add to bag” button. The selected Products will then be included in the “Shopping Bag” and the order can be placed by filling out the order form and accepting these Terms and Conditions. Prior to submitting the order, the Customer is required to verify the accuracy of the information provided and make the necessary corrections. The Order is submitted when the Customer clicks the “Place Order” button. 

All orders are subject to written acceptance by Leo Camerini. The Customer is invited to please refer to article 4 of the present Terms for further details.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check that the information displayed in the order form accurately reflects her/his selection before confirming the order.

The Vendor has the right to cancel any order placed in the event that the Customer has been involved in a dispute concerning a prior order, or if the Vendor has reasonable ground to suspect that the Customer has violated these Terms and Conditions, or is or appear to be engaged in fraudulent activities or use of purchased Products other than for personal use as permitted by these Terms and Conditions. Leo Camerini has the right to refuse any order at its own discretion.

3. Disposition of Pre-Orders

Some Products identified on the Website may be available for pre-order. 

Subject to the conditions provided for herein and to the conditions mentioned on the Website page of the Products available for pre-order (delivery period and delivery options), pre-orders will be governed by the same processes and conditions as those applicable to Orders. 

In case of a mixed order consisting of currently available Products and pre-ordered Products or in case of a pre-order of several Products with different delivery dates mentioned on the Website, the latest delivery date will be applicable to the entire pre-order. 

At the time of a pre-order placement (i.e., when the Customer clicks the “Place Pre-Order” button), Leo Camerini will obtain a credit authorization from the card issuer of the Customer equal to the entire amount of the purchase. Once the pre-ordered Product is ready to ship, the Vendor will process the purchase transaction by charging the Customer’s credit card and send her/him an Order Confirmation. In the event the Customer’s credit card is declined upon attempt to take payment, the Customer will be contacted by Customer Service to make alternative payment arrangements acceptable to Leo Camerini. If no such arrangements are made promptly, the pre-order will be cancelled. 

Due to Production constraints, Leo Camerini might have to cancel a pre-order, in whole or in part. The Vendor will inform the Customer of such cancellation without undue delay, will cancel any authorization against her/his credit card and her/his credit card will not be charged.

4. Confirmation of Orders and/or Pre-Orders

Upon placement by the Customer, the order and/or pre-order is sent to Leo Camerini for processing and the Customer will receive an Acknowledgment e-mail containing the main details of her/his order. The Acknowledgement e-mail does not represent acceptance of the Customer’s order, it only constitutes an acknowledgement of the offer to Leo Camerini to buy a Product.

Upon receipt of the Acknowledgement e-mail, the order cannot be changed or cancelled except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise required by the applicable law. 

After processing, the Vendor will send the Customer an Order Confirmation e-mail of the order once the Product ordered has been shipped. In the event that e-mail confirmation is deemed not sufficient for any reason, Leo Camerini may contact the Customer for further confirmation of the order before shipment.

Any order is subject to the acceptance of the Vendor. Leo Camerini will confirm such acceptance not before sending an Order Confirmation e-mail. The Order Confirmation e-mail will also inform that the Product has been dispatched and will provide the tracking number of the shipment.

Once the Order Confirmation is received by the Customer, she/he is not allowed to change or amend the shipping address and the Vendor will not be liable for any wrong input of address.

Upon sending the Order Confirmation e-mail, the contract between the Customer and Leo Camerini is formed. The contract will relate only to those Products whose dispatch has been confirmed in the Order Confirmation by the Vendor.

5. Availability

Leo Camerini reserves the right to change the assortment of items offered on the Website from time to time without prior notice to the Customers. The Vendor is not liable if any Product is out of stock or otherwise unavailable.

In the unlikely event that any Product the Customer has selected becomes unavailable after the same places an order, the Customer Service will inform the Customer by phone or e-mail with no undue delay.

6. Ownership

The ownership of the Articles ordered is passed to the Customer the moment Leo Camerini receives the full payment of the Product (and of any other charges payable under the present Terms, as applicable) and dispatches the same to the Customer. 

Risk of damage or loss passes to the Customer upon delivery of the Product to the Customer self or to someone on her/his behalf taking possession of the product at the address designated by the Customer.

The Customer is to be considered the Importer of Record of the Article. She/he is responsible for assuring that the Product can be lawfully imported to the destination Country in connection with applicable laws, regulations, certifications and rules.

7. Guarantees

The Vendor shall be liable for material defects in accordance with the applicable legal provision. Additional guarantee for the goods supplied by the Vendor is available only if this has been expressly stated in the order confirmation of the respective Article.

The Customer may submit a claim under the Guarantee by clearly informing the Vendor of her/his intention and by identifying the defective Articles along with the nature and extent of the defect.

In respect of a valid claim for non-conforming Articles, the Customer has the right to require the repair or the replacement of the good or to require to reduce the amount to be paid for the transfer by the transferee by an appropriate amount; or to rescind the contract with regard to the goods in question.

Upon acknowledgement of the valid claim under the present Terms, the Vendor will, at its option: a) repair the Products to which the defect relates; or b) replace the Products to which the defect relates; and c) pay the costs associated with the re-acquisition of the Products under this warranty.

The customer is not entitled to any claims for defects if she/he has altered a Product or has changed it by a third party, unless the Customer proves that the material defect already existed at the time of delivery. In such case, the Vendor has no responsibility or liability in connection to the costs faced by the Customer for such alteration and/or change made prior to the claim.

The main characteristics of Products are shown on each Product page of Leocamerini.com. The images of the Products on the Website are for illustrative purposes only. Although the Vendor has made every effort to display the image and colours accurately, the Products offered for sale may not exactly correspond to the real garments due to the Internet browser or monitor used. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Vendor has no responsibility nor liability for any error or inaccuracy in the photographs or graphical representations of the Leo Camerini Products displayed on the Website.

Leo Camerini products are made by hand with natural materials and are different from one another. The Vendor has no responsibility or liability in connection to any claim concerning the characteristics originated by the aspects herein.

The Vendor does not sell second-hand products, flawed products or products of lower quality than the corresponding market standards.

The Customer Service is at the Customer’s disposal for any question on the Products.

8. Product Price Indication

Prices displayed on the Leo Camerini’s Website are quoted in US Dollars (US$) with the exception of the European Union website, where they are quoted in Euro (€), of the Singapore website, where they are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SG$) and of the United Kingdom website, where they are quoted in Pound sterling (£).

While the Vendor tries to ensure that all prices on its Website are accurate, errors may occur. If an error is discovered in the price of the Product ordered by the Customer, the Vendor will give the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or cancelling it. If the Vendor is unable to contact the Customer, it will treat the order as cancelled.

Prices are subject to change. The Customer is invited to check the final price of sale before sending the relevant order form.

Exchange rates may be set and updated regularly and may affect the Product pricing at checkout. The amount will be charged according to the applicable exchange rate at the time of order completion upon Order Placement by the Customer.

9. Payments

The Customer may pay by choosing one of the payment methods specified upon placing an order. Available payment methods may differ depending on the Customer’s geographical location.

The payment for the Article purchased on the Website will be processed by an authorized acquirer of LG CAMERINI di F.lli Camerini S.r.l.s. & C. S.A.S. whose current address is Via Alberto Mario 15, 37121 – Verona, Italy.

The authorized acquirer will charge the Customer through the selected payment method for the order and other amounts payable under these Terms and Conditions that may be due in connection with the order. The Customer is requested to provide valid and current information about her/himself.

All credit cards details (e. g., card number, expiration date, details of card holder) will be sent via an encrypted protocol to the banks which provide remote electronic payment services, without third parties having any access thereto whatsoever. These details will not be used by the Vendor or their authorized agents, except for carrying out procedures relevant to the purchase of the Customer, for example issuing refunds in the case of returns (subsequent to the exercise of the right to return) or for reporting cases of fraud, or other ancillary matters, to the relevant authorities.

The price for the purchase of Products and the costs for their shipping and delivery as indicated on the order proposal form will be charged to the Customer’s account at the moment in which the Customer submits the order (i.e., clicking the “Place Order”). In the case of pre-order, the price will be charged once purchased Products are ready to be shipped.

When a pre-order is placed on a Product, a credit card authorization will be processed on the Customer’s credit card without being charged until the Product is ready to be shipped. Credit card authorization will be processed on the entire amount of the purchase.

10. Customs and Duties

Upon arrival in the destination Country, the contents of the Customer’s order may be subject to customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc.) for which the Recipient of the order is responsible. The Vendor is not responsible for any customs fees incurred on the order. The customs fees for the order depend on the destination Country, are set by delivery destination and may vary.

If taxes and duties apply in the Recipient’s Country and the Vendor is able to calculate these fees, the Customer may be offered the option to pre-pay applicable import charges. Such import charges will be calculated and included in the final price upon order placement.

In case the option to pre-pay the applicable import charges is offered and the Customer chooses to adhere to the option, the final price will be guaranteed. The Vendor will be responsible for the actual import charges as determined by the Recipient’s delivery destination upon import of the order.

Placing an order serves as an authorization to act as the Customer’s agent to: a) conduct transactions with the local applicable authority, b) execute required documents on the Customer’s behalf in connection with the import of the Products in her/his order, c) facilitate the payment of the applicable import charges, d) return such Products to the Vendor (if applicable and subject to the present Terms).

If taxes and duties apply in the Recipient’s Country and the Vendor cannot calculate these fees, the total amount calculated at Order Placement will not include the customs fees, and the Customer will be required to pay them. For this reason, the Vendor recommends that the Customer refers to her/his local customs office for more details about her/his Country’s duties and taxes before placing an order.

Should the Customer refuse the order at the time of arrival or should she/he refuse to pay the related Customs fees, the shipment will be returned to the Vendor. The Vendor reserves the right to deduct the costs incurred for the attempted delivery and for the re-acquisition of the returned Product from refund.

If the Customer receives the order and accepts to pay the customs fees, she/he acknowledges that, in case of a return under the present Terms and Conditions, she/he is fully responsible for claiming back the import charges from the applicable tax authority. The Vendor has no responsibility or liability in connection with such claim.

Customs processing may delay the delivery of the order. Should the Customer experience such delays, the Vendor invites to please check with the local Customs offices. The invoice for the Customs fees could arrive weeks after the Customer receives her/his order, separately from the same.

11. Shipping and Delivery of the Products

Unless otherwise stated by the Vendor, all Products are shipped by Leo Camerini from Verona, Italy.

Articles are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer only after payment for the order has been received by the Vendor. Upon receipt of payment, the Vendor fills orders within the timing indicated at the order placement to the Customer. This except where the Vendor informs the Customer of non-acceptance of the order.

Upon Order Confirmation, the Vendor will inform the Customer by e-mail and will provide a tracking code and an exclusive link to track the shipment in real time.

The Customer can contact the Customer Service by telephone or e-mail to request information on delivery or should she/he wish to change the delivery date.

Delivery will be made via DHL courier. Shipping costs are complimentary.

All additional shipping costs charged to the Customer are itemized in the order form at the time of purchase on the Website. Additional costs are not refunded in the case of Article exchanges or returns. 

The Customer may request delivery to the physical person of her/his choice. No deliveries will be made to post office boxes, collection points or Poste Restante addresses.

Any person receiving/signing on the Customer’s behalf for the delivery of the Products at the designated address shall be deemed to have done so with the Customer’s authorization. Delivery methods where no Recipient’s signature is required are not available.

In the event that the Customer needs to make any changes for the shipping address, she/he is asked to please contact the Customer Service as soon as possible. It will do its best to assist based on the discretion of the Vendor’s courier provider.

In the case of notification of unsuccessful attempted delivery, it is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange the re-delivery.

Articles are couriered accompanied by Invoice, Free Trade Declaration and, if applicable, CITES Certificate.

The delivery terms are merely indicative however stated. The Vendor has no responsibility or liability in connection with delivery terms from the time Articles are handled to the courier for delivery.

12. Customer Care and Repairs

The Customer Service may be reached at the present link for any further information.

13. Exchanges and Returns of Products

The Return Policy is part of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Customer may return Products, for a refund or exchange, by clearly informing the Vendor of her/his intention to do so within fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery date of the Products by contacting the Customer Service of Leo Camerini.

In order to be accepted for return, the Article must comply with the following conditions: a) be returned in original packaging as received with original sales invoice, b) be completely free from signs of wear, damage, or alteration, c) have the identification and security tag attached as received from the Vendor and d) be without any customization and/or personalization. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Vendor has the right to refuse the return or exchange if one or more of the foregoing conditions is found not to be met upon returning of the Article.

The Customer may be held liable in the case of depreciation of the value of the Product as a result of handling that is not consistent with preservation of the nature, characteristics and, where applicable, the correct operation of the such Product. 

When informing the Vendor of her/his withdrawal request, the Customer must provide her/his name, address and order number. The Vendor will send the Customer an e-mail to acknowledge the receipt of such request and providing the due instructions to proceed with the return.

In the case of Articles subject to CITES certification, the Vendor invites to address to the relevant local Customs office in order to obtain the required CITES re-export certificate. The vendor has no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or damage arising from the non-compliance to the re-export procedure of the returned Article.

After the Products have been returned, the Vendor shall check the conformity of the same with the conditions indicated in the present Return Policy. When the Vendor is able to confirm that such conditions have been met, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the return.

Refund or exchange become eligible for only after the return is accepted by the Vendor under the present Terms and Conditions.

The Vendor will inform the Customer without undue delay in the case the return is refused.

Should the Customer wish to exchange the purchased Product for another Product of higher price, she/he will be charged the difference. Purchased Products cannot be exchanged for Articles of lesser value.

14. Refund Times and Procedures

The refund can be eligible, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Sale, in the case of order and/or pre-order cancellation or in the case of Product return.

In the case the Order and/or Pre-Order is cancelled, the price is not debited from the Customer’s credit card. If the credit card has already been debited, the Customer will be promptly refunded.

The value date for the credit shall be the same as the value date of the original debit and consequently no interest losses shall be suffered.

In case of Product return, the Vendor invites to please refer to article 13 of the present Terms for further details.

Whatever payment type used, the refund procedure shall be started by the Vendor within thirty (30) calendar days from when the Vendor receives the returned Article, after checking that the return right has been correctly exercised and that the returned Products have been accepted.

If the Recipient of the Products indicated in the order form is different from the Person who made the payment for such Products, the amount paid for returned Items shall be refunded by the Vendor to the Person who made the payment.

15. Privacy Policy

Leo Camerini Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, may be reached at the present link for any further information.

For further information on the processing of Customer personal data and general Privacy Policy, the Customer may contact the Customer Service or reach the Vendor at its registered offices located in via Alberto Mario 15, 37121 – Verona, Italy.

16. Disputes and Governing Law

The Customer must give Leo Camerini reasonable opportunity to remedy any matter for which it may be liable, prior to incurring any cost to remedy the matter her/himself.

The Vendor will not be responsible or liable for the negligence of the Customer.

Leo Camerini files for its own records evidence of all transactions with its Customers. In the event of a dispute relating to a transaction conducted on the Website, the present Terms and Conditions and Order Confirmation shall be treated as evidence of the details of the transaction.

The Customer agrees that any dispute arising from application or interpretation of these general Terms and Conditions will be to the exclusive competence of the appropriate Court of Verona, Italy. These Conditions shall be governed by the Italian law.

The foregoing is without prejudice to any of the Customer’s rights which cannot be excluded under the law of her/his Country of residence.

Disputes between Leo Camerini and European Union residents may be resolved extra-judicially through the European Commission platform, available on the website http://ec.europa.eu/odr, upon mutual agreement of the parties.

17. Amendments and Updates

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due to new laws and regulations or other reasons. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be effective as of the date of publication on leocamerini.com.